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The Founders : David & Laurent


During fifteen years as project managers and project directors of European projects in a context of public and private partnerships, our job has been to help public and private decision-makers to take sound and data-based decisions.
And guess what? We've had a hard time to find trusted and ready to use data.
We had to find data, correct data, transform data, understand data, find insights in data, and present data in a nice way.

A true waste of time and money. A main impediment to projects efficiency.

We couldn't take it anymore and we imagined the concept of a DataPod:

  • A smart combination of reliable data,
  • Displayed with easy to understand yet attractive charts,
  • And a relevant touch of machine learning which enlightens the key elements.

  • Datapod is fit for the powerpoint presentation or final report next project steering committee board of directors meeting. Ending there is its purpose of life.
    DataPod acts as a support to developing our own insights of the field. DataPod wants to help us become the data expert.

    In February 2017, we left our jobs and started to breed DataPods.
    In February 2018, we eventually offer the world access to DataPods (Well, we also have paid plan here.)
    And the world became a better place. (We know you’d have done the same.)

    Our team is growing fast !

    During 2017, we've been facing a growth of 50% of our task force.
    We've welcomed a full stack developer. Please meet Cécile.

    DataPod Research and Analysis Solutions

    Constituted research know-how, state of the art business intelligence, machine learning, analytics and market research tools and trusted data sets.
    Our customised service conducts qualitative and quantitative analysis and studies on different sectors for our B2B customers.
    We are providing systematic collection, interpretation and analysis on data.
    We conduct individual market analysis and market monitoring in different geographical levels (countries, regions or cities).
    We can also provide you with customized DataPod content based on your specifications.

    Data Confidence S.A.
    9, avenue des Hauts Fourneaux
    L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette

    R.C.S. Luxembourg – B 207 123
    TVA (VAT) LU 28656170

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