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A DataPod is a smart combination of Trusted Datasets, Stunning Data Vizualisations and Machine Learning Algorithms.

Why a DataPod ?

I am a DataPod

A DataPod is a smart combination of :

  • The DataSet comes from a trusted OpenData Portal.
  • Reusing this Dataset is free for you.
  • You are able to export the data of the Dataset as csv or xls files.
  • Several charts are proposed for each DataPod.
  • You can easily change them to suit your needs.
  • You are able to export the charts of the Dataset as png, jpg or pdf files.

A DataPod helps you understand Data:

 Flows Study,
 Market Analysis,
 Monitoring KPI,
 Impact Assessment.

DataPods Family

Enter the DataPod Store

Enter the DataPod Store

 We produce DataPods on a continuous basis.
 Select the DataPod that suits your needs,
 among more than 100 existing DataPods.

Play with your DataPod and Clone it

Play with your DataPod

  Play to adapt the visualization and reveal your insights

  • Navigate across Data
  • Zoom in and out in Data
  • Focus on your selection
  • Customize your DataPod with adapted charts and tables

 Clone your DataPod and store it in your private farm.

Share your DataPod

Share your DataPod

 Export your DataPod Charts in your presentations (Soon).
 Use your DataPod Figures in your reports (Soon).
 Share your DataPod Insights on the social networks.